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Tip: Use smaller weight plates for RDLs and SLDLs

You can use the prescribed weight but make it up using smaller diameter weight plates in order to get a bigger range of motion and bigger hamstring stretch!

For example, 25kg weight plates tend to be bigger than 20kg, 15kg and 10kg plates. So if you are wanting to do an RDL/ SLDL with a 25kg weight plate on each side of the bar, the ROM will be smaller than if you used a 15kg weight plate and 10kg weight plate instead, for example: Continue reading

Tip: Increase work of hamstrings during RDLs

Here’s a trick to increase the work of the hamstrings during your RDLs (Romanian Deadlifts) and SLDLs (Stiff Legged Deadlifts).

All you have to do is put weight plates underneath the front third of your feet. Just a small height is needed — roughly half an inch to one inch.

In this position, your hamstrings are stretched, which increases their recruitment.

Remember that when you execute the lift, push your hips back (you should be doing this anyway, but it’s good to remind ourselves!).

Your hamstrings will be worked harder! Continue reading

The best way to massage your hamstrings

You will need:

  • A ball (e.g. tennis ball or lacrosse ball)
  • A hard chair or table

This is an awesome method that gets deep into the hamstrings. I have not found a more effective way to massage them.

What to do –

  • Sit on the hard chair (or table with your legs off the edge)
  • Put the ball underneath your hamstrings
  • Swing or move your legs and feet a bit to get the ball working deep into the muscles or just push your weight down on to the ball in one spot

TIP: You can also make this an ‘Active Release Therapy’ (ART) by slowly extending your knee and lifting and lowering your leg repeatedly

Please check with your physician before performing this exercise.