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Olympic lift variations when your lower back is tired

If your lower back is tired or if you have lower back pain, there are a couple of Olympic lift variations that might reduce the load on the lower back, if you still want to continue training them. Always check with your doctor however. And remember that sometimes the only remedy is REST.

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The best way to massage your hamstrings

You will need:

  • A ball (e.g. tennis ball or lacrosse ball)
  • A hard chair or table

This is an awesome method that gets deep into the hamstrings. I have not found a more effective way to massage them.

What to do –

  • Sit on the hard chair (or table with your legs off the edge)
  • Put the ball underneath your hamstrings
  • Swing or move your legs and feet a bit to get the ball working deep into the muscles or just push your weight down on to the ball in one spot

TIP: You can also make this an ‘Active Release Therapy’ (ART) by slowly extending your knee and lifting and lowering your leg repeatedly

Please check with your physician before performing this exercise.