Tip: How to find your landing position

If you’re just starting out with Olympic weightlifting, you’ll still be fiddling around with the foot placement for the Olympic lifts.

There are two feet placements you need to be concerned with – the start position (where you first begin the lift) and the landing position (where you catch the bar in the squat in your clean or snatch).

A simple way to determine what may be a good landing position for you is to jump three times and check your feet placement after the last jump. This is likely to be a good, natural feet placement for you to use for your landing positions in the Olympic lifts.

Always ensure that your landing position feet placement is the same as your squat feet placement. It will help you to have a consistent feet placement in your cleans, snatches, front squats and overhead squats.

Key points:

  • Your landing feet placement should mimic your squat feet placement
  • If you’re struggling to find a natural position for your feet for squats and/or the Olympic lifts, try jumping three times and taking the last one