Alis Rowe

I am completely hooked on all aspects of weight training and spend the majority of my free time studying and reading about it. Although I don’t compete, I have a very serious, disciplined, dedicated approach to my Olympic weightlifting.

My consistently favourite exercise has got to be the front squat. I think the front squat is the foundation of all weightlifting. I love the snatch, the clean and the jerk, but tend to favour the one which I am best at at the time.

Sharon O’Reilly

“To achieve greatness, start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”             – Arthur Ashe

This blog is for anyone who wants a place to share their athletic journey. Not limited by barriers of age, ability, uncertainty, fear… I truly believe that we can choose to think and act like an athlete at any age of life. To say “I am an athlete” is the first step towards the question we can all find our own answer for – what does an athlete say and do?

Here is my script:

“I create my own plan. I work on my technique, my training, my nutrition, and everything else that has to do with me being an athlete. All my successes, all my failures belong to me. I am the only one responsible. Everything I achieve is due to my challenging training sessions, desire and absolute determination to succeed. What might take most athletes one hour of training, might take me two or three hours. I do what has to be done.”

And here are my actions:

  • learn how to move like an athlete
  • increase my joints range of movement
  • improve my strength and power
  • correct weaknesses and problems in my movement
  • get used to working hard and efficiently for longer
  • spend quality time on recovery and refuelling.

If you are improving some or all of these everyday of your life you have an athlete’s mindset.

Where are you on your athlete’s journey? What keeps you going? Let me know.